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Are you worried about the possibility of changes to the A46?

In December 2017 our Parish Council arranged for Councillor Vernon Smith to speak at a public meeting about potential improvements to and expansion of the A46 locally. This was organised following concerns raised at the November Parish Council meeting of the potential impact on our villages.

The A46 Partnership, Midlands Connect along with Western Gateway are tasked with producing a strategy to deliver planned infrastructure improvements to the A46 between M5 Junction 9 and M6/M69 at Coventry.

As resident’s we are very concerned at some of the proposals being talked about and how, if implemented, they could impact on our villages. We have set-up a small working party to help our Parish Council monitor and keep abreast of all the various projects, initiatives, studies and strategies to do with the A46. Hopefully by doing this and being well informed, we can be more proactive and ready to contribute to public surveys and consultations.

“To prevent any expansion or realignment of the A46 which would have a detrimental effect on our villages and residents”

Latest News

August 2023

Published Teddington and Alstone A46 Advisory Group Newsletter #24 which includes details of the recent Public Meeting and the next steps in the process.

Minutes from this meeting have been shared with attendees and can now be viewed by everyone along with TAAG's follow-up letter to David Gray Reports Tab

Newsletter is available on the Newsletters Tab

Reminder – Under the External Links Tab you will find a full list of those involved in the planning process.
July 2022

Public Meeting held Tuesday 19th July 2022

Thank you to everyone who braved the exceptionally hot weather to attend the public meeting on Tuesday 19th. It was a really good turnout and thanks to the quality of the questions raised and the subsequent debates, clearly demonstrated to our Councillors the strength of feeling in the villages. We hope you thought it was a worthwhile event.

We are aware that not everyone had a chance to speak in the limited time we had. So, as agreed at the end of the meeting, we are asking for any remaining questions or concerns you may have, to be raised using either the contact tab or speaking to any member of the TAAG Team.

You may recall that David Gray asked us to send him a summary of our concerns. We will of course do this when we submit our follow-up questions. It is worth mentioning though, that we have sent summary reports outlining our concerns to all of the key stakeholders previously, so all parties know what we think.

Please can you let us have any further thoughts by close of play next Tuesday 26th July.

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July 2022

M5 Junction 9 A46 Transport Scheme GG 142
Walking, Cycling and Horse Riding Assessment

As part of the planning process, the designers have to consult on walking, cycling and horse riding facilities in the areas of the proposed build.

TAAG have competed it review of the facilities in our area and submitted feedback.

The two documents can be found on the Public Consultation Prior to Route Options page.

June 2022

Published Teddington and Alstone A46 Advisory Group Newsletter #23 which includes an invitation to a Public Meeting.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday 19th July in Teddington Village Hall, 6pm to 7pm. This precedes but is unrelated to the separate quarterly Parish Council meeting afterwards.

Newsletter is available Newsletters Tab

Correction to Newsletter
Vernon Smith is our Gloucestershire County Councillor
May 2022

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey we sent out. We received 81 responses with the vast majority indicating they were 'concerned' or 'very concerned' with many of the issues raised. There is also support for a public meeting (59 Yes, 21 Don't Know and 1 No). We will check with the Teddington & Alstone Parish Council for their views and then look at how we can organise a meeting as soon as practicably possible. Further details to be shared in due course.
April 2022

In our latest Newsletter #22, which you should have received last week, we mentioned that we intended to hold a survey to collect residents’ feedback on the assumption that the A435 will be used as part of the new A46 Ashchurch bypass.

The survey has now been set-up and can be found below. Please do take the time to complete it as this will enable us to know the level and strength of opinion of residents. We will then consider inviting local councillors and other key people to a public meeting to share their views and hear your concerns.

The deadline for completing the survey is the Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May 2022 at 12:00 Midday.

Survey Now Closed - many thanks for all the excellent feedback

Thank you.

TAAG have recently made 'Freedom of Information' Requests of Gloucestershire County Council, Western Gateway and National Highways. Details of which and responses, received to date, can be found under the Reports Tab.

Newsletter # 22 Published 13th April 2022. Newsletters Tab

March 2022

M5 Junction 9 and A46 Transport Scheme Timeline
Revised timeframe confirmed by Cllr. David Gray at the GCC County Council Meeting, 23/3/2022 Details to the Right
December 2021

Published end of year Newsletter #21
Copy can be found under the Newsletter and Subscribe tab
November 2021

On Monday 29th November, Tewkesbury Town Council adopted a report submitted by Cllr. Vernon Smith. This was based on the feedback received from the Tewkesbury 2030 Event held on Saturday 18th September 2021 at Watson Hall. When many visitors supported his A46 Junction 10 route, as well as disapproving of any use of the A435 as part of said route. Ideally, any new route would be to the west of the Teddington Hands Roundabout and joining the exiting A46.

The full report can be found Report Link

M5 Junction 10 Improvements Scheme -
On Wednesday 8 December 2021, GCC will be launching their statutory public consultation for their proposed M5 Junction 10 Improvements Scheme. The consultation will run until Tuesday 15 February 2022.

The GCC online feedback survey will be found
GCC J10 Feedback Survey

National Highways are developing their route strategies to inform their 'Roads Infrastructure Strategy' (RIS3), we are currently in RIS2. TAAG has provided its views, particularly on the possibility of realigning the A46 to J7 or J8 of M5.

TAAG's submission can be found Report Link

New Tewkesbury Garden Town Concept Plan
The 'Evolved Tewkesbury Concept Plan' has recently been presented to TBC Executive committee. A copy of their latest public document “Evolution of the Concept Plan” This includes the overall plan drawing we shared in our August newsletter.
Report Link

October 2021

TAAG have just become aware that Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) have once again postponed the public consultation on the M5 J9 & A46 Ashchurch Transport Scheme route options which was due to happen in the Summer, until 2022. See their dedicated website;

GCC A46 M5 Webpage

You will see that they have removed the previous timeline, stating “a more detailed timeline for the next steps of scheme development and construction will be provided when possible.​”

TAAG have of course asked GCC/Atkins for the reasons for this delay and received the following response, “This is because we are working through the technical work and programme for the scheme with National Highways (previously Highways England).”

We will try to find out more information about the reasons, the new timeline and what this means for the future of the scheme. Any further clarification we get, we will of course share with you in the next newsletter.

Meanwhile, thank you to everybody who has responded to our request for feedback following Cllr. Vernon Smith's Tewkesbury 2030 Exhibition. We are currently analysing the feedback and will report back in the next newsletter.”
As always, if you have any concerns as to the future of the A46, please do not hesitate to contact us via the 'contacts' page on the website.
September 2021

Newsletter #20 added to the Reports Newsletters Subscribe tab.

Added new menu item to website, Consultation that includes:
Background to Planning
Public Consultation on Route Options
Preferred Route Announcement
Submit Outline Business Case (OBC) to DfT
Public consultation on preferred route
Submit planning application
Submit Final Business Case (FBC) to DfT
Glossary – A guide to common planning terms and acronyms.

Tewkesbury 2030 Exhibition - Saturday 18th September

Many thanks to those who attended the event and visited us on our stand. Lots of very interesting conversations and worries from many as to what will happen to the A46 and possibly to the A38 to the west of the M5.

Meanwhile, thank you to everybody who has responded to our request for feedback following Cllr. Vernon Smith's Tewkesbury 2030 Exhibition. We are currently analysing the feedback and will report back in the next newsletter.

Vernon Smith's Business Case A46 M5 J 10

Business Case

TAAG Presentation


Keep watching our website for the latest information, and if you have not already signed up for our newsletter, please do.

Two Documents added to the reports tab.
1. TAAG have now added details as to a proposed land sale to the west of Teddington and Alstone, that could well result in a lot more houses being built and ultimately even more traffic.

2. A flood report from 2008 detailing all the issues in and around Tewkesbury that could have a bearing on any road building in the area.

August 2021

TAAG NEWSLETTER #19 August 2021 Published

TAAG Commissioned New Report from Gerald Kells (Campaign & Policy Advisor for Transport).

All Added to Reports and Newsletters Tab
July 2021


UK Government Decarbonisation Plan

TAAG Communication with the A46 Partnership

Added to Reports and Newsletters Tab
June 2021

Tewkesbury Garden Town Progress Report 2021 added to reports tab.

CPRE report - Challenging the road-building consensus and learning from previous road schemes for a better future. Added to reports tab.

CPRE recently submitted a report to Midlands Connect in response to a request for feedback on their ongoing transport strategy. Added to reports tab.

May 2021


Tewkesbury East Local Elections.

Detailing responses, or lack of, to the questions posed by TAAG to their views on the changes to the A46.

Added Newsletters Reports Tab.
April 2021

Newsletter #17

It’s only a few weeks since TAAG's last newsletter but, as you may have seen, the recent mail drop from Cllr Vernon Smith included his thoughts on the M5/J9 A46 Business Case. As this provides some details on a potential route, it might be helpful to summarise our interpretation and how this aligns with our position.

Full Details Located on the Newsletters Reports Tab.

Stop Press 23/04/21
In the interests of maintaining political neutrality, we have contacted each of the other three candidates standing in the local parish election on May 6th to ask for their views on the new bypass.

Email sent 27/3/21 and chased 22/4/21. To date, we have not heard from Chris Coleman (Liberal Democrat) or Zoe Darlington (Labour).

We received the following general transport comment on behalf of Jan Millett (Green Party):

“The Green position is to improve travel and public transport opportunities whilst maintaining existing networks for all users which we feel should be prioritised over any new roads. We follow Transport Action Network very closely too and tend to agree with their position.”

March 2021

Newsletter #16

While there has been little news in the last three months, there are a few matters to update you on. TAAG also thought it would be useful to provide a summary on where we currently are.

Located on the Newsletters Reports Tab.
February 2021

Western Gateway have approved and published the final version of their Strategic Transport Plan.
Located on the Newsletters Reports Tab.
December 2020

TAAG Newsletter #15 December 2020, a 'comprehensive update' published and is available on the Newsletters and Reports Tab.

Transport Action Network have just launched another Legal Action against the use of the “National Policy Statement for National Networks”, adopted in 2014 and still in use. Details can be found on the External Links Campaign Bodies Tab.

Western Gateway Published the final draft of their Strategic Transport Plan, it can be found on the Newsletters Reports Tab. The Document is under review by TAAG and feedback will be provided soon.

TAAG have just received this communication from Gloucestershire County Council via our Parish Council. The public consultation on the route options we were expecting to happen early next year, has been postponed until Summer 2021.

This is really frustrating, although we suspected it could happen.

We had planned to get a newsletter out before Christmas which we will still do. We'll include any clarification or additional information we can glean about the reasons for this delay.


"In January 2020, Gloucestershire County Council applied to the Department for Transport’s Large Local Majors fund to finance the proposed M5 Junction 9 and A46 (Ashchurch) Transport Scheme. Since then, we have been moving forward with our business case development work: a key element of this process is the non-statutory route options consultation that was scheduled for January 2021.

Both the M5 and the A46 through Ashchurch are on the national Strategic Road Network and are managed by Highways England, so we need to work closely with Highways England with any plans that we have for these roads. However, Highways England have indicated that they need more time to consider the route option proposals in detail before we go out to public consultation.

Unfortunately, the earliest that Highways England will be able to give us their views is in the new year and with the local elections in May and the corresponding pre-election period which begins in March, it will not now be possible to hold the consultation, planned for January, before summer next year.

The county council recognises the importance of the M5 Junction 9 and A46 (Ashchurch) Transport Scheme to the county’s future development and prosperity and we will continue to provide updates on the progression of this scheme. Please visit www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/J9 for the latest information."
November 2020

National Infrastructure Strategy Presented to Parliament by the Chancellor of the Exchequer by Command of Her Majesty 25th November 2020. Can be found on the Newsletters Reports Tab.

Midlands Connect's 20-year improvement plan for the A46 Published and can be found on the Newsletters Reports Tab.

Do you have any photos of the red kites seen flying over our villages this year? TAAG have secured the help of the Gloucestershire Raptor Monitoring Group (GRMG) to try to find evidence of the kites breeding in this area. Although they are not endangered, their nests are protected and if we can find evidence, we may be able to use that evidence to challenge any proposed route. The GRMG have asked us to provide any photographs we have, particularly from the Summer months as that is when juveniles would be seen flying.

Could you please send any photographs you may have and are happy to share with GRMG to jan.catbells@gmail.com with a date and location (Grid reference if possible) of when and where the photograph was taken.
Thank you.
October 2020

Gloucestershire County Council has recently published their design options for the M5 J10 Improvement Scheme for public consultation. Full details can be found on the Newsletters Reports Subscribe Tab

The consultation closes on 25 November 2020.

Added details of the planning process that the M5 J9 and A46 changes must follow to the Planners section of the External Links Tab.

Following our virtual meeting with Cllr. Mel Gore, she has offered to organise a meeting (including the Parish Council) with the Tewkesbury Garden Town Team for an update on the Masterplan. TAAG will also want to discuss with them, their views on the nature and route of the new road."

Letters and copy of the TAAG Teddington & Alstone Villages Joint Submission sent to the following seeking support in our campaign to ‘To prevent any expansion or realignment of the A46 which would have a detrimental effect on our villages and residents’.

Laurence Robertson MP
Cllr. Vernon Smith
Cllr. Nigel Moor
Cllr. Cate Cody
Cllr. Mel Gore
Cllr. Jim Mason
Cllr. John Cordell
Cllr Patrick Molyneux
John Mills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (Cotswolds)
August 2020


Newsletter #14 August 2020 Teddington & Alstone Villages Submission to VS and GCC

Teddington & Alstone Villages - Submission To GCC Highways
M5 Junction 9 & A46 (Ashchurch) Transport Scheme Proposal Final 26/08/2020

Newsletter #13 August 2020 - Newsletter from the Joint Working Party of members of TAAG and the Parish Council GCC on the Highways M5 Junction 9 & A46 (Ashchurch) Transport Scheme Proposal

Newsletter #12 August 2020 – TAAG Future Strategy Survey Results Published

Details and Links are on the Newsletters and Reports Tab.
July 2020

Latest News from Gloucestershire Highways added to the July 2020 section.
Changes will and are happening!

Added TAAG Feedback to Western Gateway on their Draft Strategic Transport Plan.
Added Transport Action Network's Feedback on Western Gateway Strategic Transport Plan.

Published Newsletter #11 and Newsletter Update

Details and Links are on the Newsletters and Reports Tab.
June 2020
Western Gateway published their Draft Strategic Transport Plan 2020-2025. Interesting to note that they have included reference to changes they may have to make based on the current pandemic and the potential changes in demand. WG are currently seeking feedback from stakeholders, businesses, residents, and communities on the draft Plan.

Climate Change Committee submitted their 2020 Report to Parliament.

Added to Newsletters Reports Tab.
May 2020
Added Newsletter #10 Interim Update to Newsletters and Reports Tab
Added details to External Links Section of 'Transport Action Network'. They are seeking to take the Government to court over the “largest ever” roads programme. The link to crowdfunding to support this action is also included.
Transport ActionNetwork's 'Pre Action Protocol Letter For Judicial Review' has been added to the Newsletters & Reports Tab.
Added House of Commons Briefing Paper on RIS2 to Newsletters & Reports Tab
April 2020
Several meeting have been cancelled with reports/publications also being delayed. All sources are still being reviewed on a regular basis for updates.
March 2020
Newsletter #9 Spring Budget & RIS2 Implications added to Newsletters and Reports Tab
Added Highways England Road Investment Strategy 2 2020-2025 to Reports Tab
Added March 2020 Budget in Reference to the A46 to Reports Tab
Newsletter #8 Local Transport Plan added to Newsletters and Reports Tab
February 2020
Updated Western Gateway link to dedicated website.
Added Midland Connect Alternative Futures Study January 2020 to Reports Tab.
Newsletter #7 Published and can be found on the Newsletters and Reports Tab.
TAAG has updated our website to industry standards to provide a secure Internet, even though we do not handle sensitive information via our site. When visiting our site you may notice that the beginning of the web address has changed from http to https, thereby encrypting any communication between your computer/mobile and our site.
Cllr Vernon Smith report to Teddington and Alstone Parish Council added to reports section.
January 2020
Added GCC Local Transport Plan and consultation to reports section.
Two independent documents added to reports section as to how Tewkesbury performs in terms of climate change.
A46 Renewable Energy Innovation 'revised date letter' added to reports section.
November 2019
Formal Go-ahead to Western Gateway given Link
TAAG responded to Tewkesbury Borough Plan Pre-Submission Consultation, it can be found on the Newsletters and Reports page.
October 2019
The independent report produced by Gerald Kells is now finished along with the TAAG summary and is available on our reports page.
Newsletter #6 Published and can be found on the Newsletters and Reports Tab tab
August 2019
Interim Update added detailing the brief for commissioning Gerald Kells to produce a report representing a robust independent summary of arguments and challenges from the specific perspective of Teddington & Alstone
Added external link to Landscapes for Life AONB
July 2019
Western Gateway published brief details as to the changes proposed for M5 J9 to the Teddington Hands roundabout, along with estimated costs, details can be found on their website Western Gateway
Newsletter #5 added to the Newsletters and Reports page.
June 2019
Report from Midlands Connect in reference to funding added to the Newsletters and Reports page.
Added external link to Western Gateway.
Atkins report added to the Newsletters and Reports page.
February 2019
TAAG members met with representatives of Midland Connect to discuss the possible implications for us as to any changes in Gloucestershire, limited information available but details are available in Newsletter #4.
Members of our group met with representatives of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (Gloucestershire Branch). We provided detailed feedback on our concerns and they will look to support us in anyway they can. Further details to follow.
January 2019
The Teddington and Alstone A46 Advisory Group met with Laurence Robertson, Member of Parliament for Tewkesbury. The group expressed our concerns as to the possible redevelopment of the A46 and the possible consequences on our villages. Discussions proved productive, Mr Robertson fully understood the concerns and has promised to look into the issues raised and provide us with feedback in the near future.

M5 Junction 9 and A46 Transport Scheme Timeline

September 2022
Non-Statutory Public consultation on Route Options.
Preferred Route Announcement
December 2023
Submit Outline Business Case (OBC) to DfT.
June 2025
Statutory Public Consultation
January-December 2026
Planning Application Considered
Submit Final Business Case (FBC) to DfT.
Construction Start - Subject to Planning

Gloucestershire County Council Meetings

Cabinet meeting: 26/01/2022

County Council meeting: 16/02/2022

Cabinet meeting: 23/02/2022

County Council meeting: 23/03/2022

Cabinet meeting: 30/03/2022

County Council meeting: 18/05/2022

Cabinet meeting: 22/06/2022

County Council meeting: 06/07/2022

County Council meeting: 14/09/2022

Cabinet meeting: 21/09/2022

County Council meeting: 09/11/2022

Cabinet meeting: 23/11/2022

Cabinet meeting: 21/12/2022

All meetings held in the Cabinet Suite – Shire Hall, Gloucester

Full details GCC Meetings

Western Gateway Board Meetings 2022

Wednesday 19 January 2022. CANCELLED

Wednesday 6th April 2022, 1400-1600.

Monday 11th July 2022, 1400-1600.

Wednesday 28th September 2022, 1400-1600.

Wednesday 7th December 2022, 1400-1600.

NB: Please note that dates may be subject to change as a result of the pandemic’s impact.

More details – Western Gateway Website

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