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Are you worried about the possibility of changes to the A46?

In December 2017 our Parish Council arranged for Councillor Vernon Smith to speak at a public meeting about potential improvements to and expansion of the A46 locally. This was organised following concerns raised at the November Parish Council meeting of the potential impact on our villages.

The A46 Partnership, Midlands Connect along with Western Gateway are tasked with producing a strategy to deliver planned infrastructure improvements to the A46 between M5 Junction 9 and M6/M69 at Coventry.

As resident’s we are very concerned at some of the proposals being talked about and how, if implemented, they could impact on our villages. We have set-up a small working party to help our Parish Council monitor and keep abreast of all the various projects, initiatives, studies and strategies to do with the A46. Hopefully by doing this and being well informed, we can be more proactive and ready to contribute to public surveys and consultations.

“To prevent any expansion or realignment of the A46 which would have a detrimental effect on our villages and residents”

Latest News

October 2020

Added details of the planning process that the M5 J9 and A46 changes must follow to the Planners section of the External Links Tab.

Following our virtual meeting with Cllr Mel Gore, she has offered to organise a meeting (including the Parish Council) with the Tewkesbury Garden Town Team for an update on the Masterplan. TAAG will also want to discuss with them, their views on the nature and route of the new road."

Letters and copy of the TAAG Teddington & Alstone Villages Joint Submission sent to the following seeking support in our campaign to ‘To prevent any expansion or realignment of the A46 which would have a detrimental effect on our villages and residents’.

Laurence Robertson MP
Cllr. Vernon Smith
Cllr. Nigel Moor
Cllr. Cate Cody
Cllr. Mel Gore
Cllr. Jim Mason
Cllr. John Cordell
Cllr Patrick Molyneux
John Mills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (Cotswolds)
August 2020


Newsletter #14 August 2020 Teddington & Alstone Villages Submission to VS and GCC

Teddington & Alstone Villages - Submission To GCC Highways
M5 Junction 9 & A46 (Ashchurch) Transport Scheme Proposal Final 26/08/2020

Newsletter #13 August 2020 - Newsletter from the Joint Working Party of members of TAAG and the Parish Council GCC on the Highways M5 Junction 9 & A46 (Ashchurch) Transport Scheme Proposal

Newsletter #12 August 2020 – TAAG Future Strategy Survey Results Published

Details and Links are on the Newsletters and Reports Tab.
July 2020

Latest News from Gloucestershire Highways added to the July 2020 section.
Changes will and are happening!

Added TAAG Feedback to Western Gateway on their Draft Strategic Transport Plan.
Added Transport Action Network's Feedback on Western Gateway Strategic Transport Plan.

Published Newsletter #11 and Newsletter Update

Details and Links are on the Newsletters and Reports Tab.
June 2020
Western Gateway published their Draft Strategic Transport Plan 2020-2025. Interesting to note that they have included reference to changes they may have to make based on the current pandemic and the potential changes in demand. WG are currently seeking feedback from stakeholders, businesses, residents, and communities on the draft Plan.

Climate Change Committee submitted their 2020 Report to Parliament.

Added to Newsletters Reports Tab.
May 2020
Added Newsletter #10 Interim Update to Newsletters and Reports Tab
Added details to External Links Section of 'Transport Action Network'. They are seeking to take the Government to court over the “largest ever” roads programme. The link to crowdfunding to support this action is also included.
Transport ActionNetwork's 'Pre Action Protocol Letter For Judicial Review' has been added to the Newsletters & Reports Tab.
Added House of Commons Briefing Paper on RIS2 to Newsletters & Reports Tab
April 2020
Several meeting have been cancelled with reports/publications also being delayed. All sources are still being reviewed on a regular basis for updates.
March 2020
Newsletter #9 Spring Budget & RIS2 Implications added to Newsletters and Reports Tab
Added Highways England Road Investment Strategy 2 2020-2025 to Reports Tab
Added March 2020 Budget in Reference to the A46 to Reports Tab
Newsletter #8 Local Transport Plan added to Newsletters and Reports Tab
February 2020
Updated Western Gateway link to dedicated website.
Added Midland Connect Alternative Futures Study January 2020 to Reports Tab.
Newsletter #7 Published and can be found on the Newsletters and Reports Tab.
TAAG has updated our website to industry standards to provide a secure Internet, even though we do not handle sensitive information via our site. When visiting our site you may notice that the beginning of the web address has changed from http to https, thereby encrypting any communication between your computer/mobile and our site.
Cllr Vernon Smith report to Teddington and Alstone Parish Council added to reports section.
January 2020
Added GCC Local Transport Plan and consultation to reports section.
Two independent documents added to reports section as to how Tewkesbury performs in terms of climate change.
A46 Renewable Energy Innovation 'revised date letter' added to reports section.
November 2019
Formal Go-ahead to Western Gateway given Link
TAAG responded to Tewkesbury Borough Plan Pre-Submission Consultation, it can be found on the Newsletters and Reports page.
October 2019
The independent report produced by Gerald Kells is now finished along with the TAAG summary and is available on our reports page.
Newsletter #6 Published and can be found on the Newsletters and Reports Tab tab
August 2019
Interim Update added detailing the brief for commissioning Gerald Kells to produce a report representing a robust independent summary of arguments and challenges from the specific perspective of Teddington & Alstone
Added external link to Landscapes for Life AONB
July 2019
Western Gateway published brief details as to the changes proposed for M5 J9 to the Teddington Hands roundabout, along with estimated costs, details can be found on their website Western Gateway
Newsletter #5 added to the Newsletters and Reports page.
June 2019
Report from Midlands Connect in reference to funding added to the Newsletters and Reports page.
Added external link to Western Gateway.
Atkins report added to the Newsletters and Reports page.
February 2019
TAAG members met with representatives of Midland Connect to discuss the possible implications for us as to any changes in Gloucestershire, limited information available but details are available in Newsletter #4.
Members of our group met with representatives of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (Gloucestershire Branch). We provided detailed feedback on our concerns and they will look to support us in anyway they can. Further details to follow.
January 2019
The Teddington and Alstone A46 Advisory Group met with Laurence Robertson, Member of Parliament for Tewkesbury. The group expressed our concerns as to the possible redevelopment of the A46 and the possible consequences on our villages. Discussions proved productive, Mr Robertson fully understood the concerns and has promised to look into the issues raised and provide us with feedback in the near future.

M5 Junction 9 and A46 Transport Scheme Timeline

Winter 2021
Public consultation on route options.
Spring/Summer 2021
Preferred Route Announcement.
Autumn 2021
Submit Outline Business Case (OBC) to DfT.
Public consultation on preferred route.
Submit planning application.
Submit Final Business Case (FBC) to DfT.
Work commences at the earliest (if planning consent granted and funding application successful).

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