Added April 2022

TAAG raised a Freedom of Information request with Gloucestershire County Council and Western Gateway in respect of a request made to them by the Department for Transport as part of it’s review of the MRN/LLM programme. We have provided both the original DfT request and the response we received below.

Unsurprisingly, GCC and WG remain strongly committed to promoting a new bypass as evidenced by expenditure to date of £8m (double the figure of £4m advised to us in November). More disappointingly, WG continue to position this scheme to support the wider objective of a north-south A46 strategic transport corridor, an argument that favours a dual carriageway or expressway solution.

Full request from DfT

GCC/WG Response

Awaiting a response to a FoI request for copy of a ‘risk review’ carried out by National Highways, in March 2021, as to the Council’s plans for changes to M5 Junction 9 scheme.

Update on FoI request to National Highways – Refused as they claim document is not any longer valid based on the upcoming plans for the A46.

Added November 2021

Cllr. Vernon Smith’s Report based on the feedback received from the Tewkesbury 2030 Event held on Saturday 18th September 2021.

Tewkesbury 2030 Report

TAAG’s submission to National Highways RIS3 Survey

TAAG Feedback

New Tewkesbury Garden Town Concept Plan

Plan Link

Added September 2021

Vernon Smith’s Business Case for A46 link to the M5 Junction 10

Business Case

Land South of A46, Ashchurch, Tewkesbury, GL20 8LR

For Sale – Available in two parcels extending to a total of 322.58 acres (130.54 Ha)

Bruton Knowles Sale Document



Author D A Witts

Added August 2021

TAAG commisioned a  new report from Gerald Kells (Campaign & Policy Advisor for Transport), to include a review of new information and key documents TAAG have received since he produced his first report in October 2019.

The highlights being:

  • In separate work for the CPRE, he has obtained material from Midlands Connect (MC) that sheds doubt on the role of the A46 as a long distance transport corridor. Challenging the strategic role of the A46 versus local needs is important in trying to avoid a dual carriageway bypass solution.
  • He identifies a concern that the most attractive (to HE) solution would be to close the southern slip roads on the existing M5 J9, which would draw much more traffic onto the bypass.
  • It appears all options will likely increase accidents, so safety should be a key challenge. There is a poor accident record on the A435 approaching the Teddington Hands roundabout.
  • None of the 2018 route proposals scored well on value for money, which is slightly encouraging.
  • Alternative options to join a bypass with the A46 (and not the A435) could involve elevated sections to separate local and through traffic.
  • We should follow up and challenge TBC on the status of the revised Ashchurch Garden Town concept plan.

Gerald’s full Report 

Freedom of Information Request, made by TAAG, detailing the 2018 plans, linked to Road Investment Strategy (RIS2), showed all A46 routes joining the A435.

This report wasn’t taken further but it is the most recent evidence of Highways England thinking. Link 1  Link 2 to relevant documents.

Based on the reports three potential routes, TAAG’s interpretation of the increased traffic flows can  be viewed via the  LINK

Added July 2021

UK Government publish their ‘Decarbonising transport: A Better, Greener Britain’

pdf reader required.

At 220+ pages our review will be posted here soon.

Communication with the Chair of the A46 Partnership, Cllr Mark Cargill.

TAAG have been trying to find out if redirecting the A46 from north of Evesham to either J7 or J8 of the M5 rather than slavishly following the existing route, had ever been seriously considered. We decided to write to the A46 Partnership Group to hopefully get a definitive answer and received a reply recently from their Chair Cllr Mark Cargill and we’ve provided an extract of their response here. The study he refers to is the Midlands Connect A46 Strategic Corridor study Phase 2;

“During the initial stages of the study, options for the A46 to link to M5 Junction 8 were quickly ruled out because they would have to go through the middle of a nature reserve and therefore cause a significant detrimental impact to the natural environment.

The option of taking the A46 to M5 Junction 7 did not make the long list, as it would be hugely expensive and create a route that would be a lot longer than continuing on the current A46 and would therefore fail to attract any traffic.

It should be noted that neither of those options would facilitate the Tewkesbury Garden Town proposals which are being brought forward by Tewkesbury Borough Council.

Given these considerations the study concluded that upgrading on the existing alignment was the best option for the A46 on this section of corridor – both for allowing the corridor to perform its strategic role and supporting growth aspirations in the area. This solution also provided the opportunity to incrementally build capacity in the network as it’s required; whereas a significant off-line route would be much more expensive and therefore unlikely to represent good value for money. Moreover it would include serious deliverability risks due to its detrimental impact to the natural environment.”

Added June 2021

The end of the road? Challenging the road-building consensus. CPRE

Tewkesbury Garden Town Progress Report April 2021

CPRE report to Midlands Connect in response to a request for feedback on their ongoing transport strategy.

Added February 2021

Western Gateway Published the final  of their Strategic Transport Plan (2020-2025)

WS Stategic Plan

They have generally addressed the concerns and questions we raised during the consultation last Summer.

Added December 2020

Western Gateway Published the final draft of their Strategic Transport Plan (2020-2025).

STP Draft

Added November 2020

National Infrastructure Strategy – Presented to Parliament by the Chancellor of the Exchequer by Command of Her Majesty 25th November 2020

Midlands Connect’s 20-year improvement plan for the A46 has finally been published and is currently under review by TAAG, feedback will be provided in our next Newsletter.

A46 Stage two study Powerpoint Version

pdf version

Appendix to report

Added October 2020

Gloucestershire County Council has recently published their design options for the M5 J10 Improvement Scheme for public consultation.  TAAG will not be providing any feedback on the options, but we thought residents might be interested in seeing what is planned, particularly as the options for the A46 realignment, could include routes to Junction 10.

Gloucestershire County Council has a dedicated website for the consultation which can be found here.

The consultation closes on 25 November 2020.

Added August 2020

Teddington & Alstone Villages Submission

The final version of the report requested by Cllr. Vernon Smith and forwarded to the M5 J9 and A46 Transport (Ashchurch) Scheme design team in GCC. This final version incorporates the concensus of views received from residents and was adopted by our Parish Council on 25th August 2020.

To GCC Highways M5 Junction 9 & A46 (Ashchurch) Transport Scheme Proposal

Added July 2020

Gloucestershire Highways

“Options are currently being considered for a new dual carriageway between the M5 near Tewkesbury and Teddington Hands roundabout, allowing the current A46 through Ashchurch to be downgraded to cater for local traffic movements between Tewkesbury market town and the suburb of Ashchurch. As this proposal is in the early stages of development, the exact location of the new road and details of the junction upgrade are yet be decided and work is currently being carried out to identify the most suitable option.

A webpage for the scheme is now live at As part of the technical work taking place, landowners in the area have been contacted to request access to land for environmental assessment surveys. Public consultation on the scheme options is currently planned for early 2021 with an Outline Business Case (OBC) to be submitted to DfT in early 2022.”

TAAG Feedback to Western Gateway on their Draft Strategic Transport Plan

TAAG Feedback

Transport Action Network

Transport Action Network’s Feedback on Western Gateway Strategic Transport Plan.

‘Transport for Quality of Life’ Report

The carbon impact of the national roads programme

Campaign for the Protection of Rural England

Concerns as to road building

Added June 2020

Western Gateway

Draft Strategic Transport Plan 2020-2025

WG  are currently seeking feedback from stakeholders, businesses, residents, and communities on the draft Plan. In light of the coronavirus pandemic they are undertaking an informal engagement exercise.

TAAG have provided feedback (link in July above) on all aspects of the plan. With individual members also providing their own feedback. We would encourage residents to also feedback.

Should you wish to provide any comments on the Strategic Transport Plan please submit your written comments via email to before Friday 31st July.

The Strategic Transport Plan will be finalised and approved in September at the Western Gateway STB Board meeting. If you have any particular questions please contact them at

More details on the GCC website

Climate Change Committee submitted their 2020 Report to Parliament

Reducing UK emissions Progress Report to Parliament June 2020

In the forward to the document it states “The COVID-19 pandemic has changed all of our lives. Its effects are far-reaching – its implications profound. Our 2019 report to Parliament urged Government to act on climate. “Now, do it” was our call. Twelve months on that remains our emphatic message, but with a new determination: we must seize the opportunity to make the COVID-19 recovery a defining moment in tackling the climate crisis. We say to the Government: “act courageously – it’s there for the taking”.

Recommendations for the Department of Transport include:

“Invest in walking and cycling infrastructure and strengthen other schemes to support active travel modes. Invest in public transport and other measures to reduce car travel demand (e.g. car sharing and mobility as a service). Improve infrastructure connectivity to lock-in positive behaviours that reduce travel demand (e.g. home-working).”

As well as setting a range of targets on cars, vans and heavy goods vehicles to reduce the dangerous emission sooner rather than later.

Added May 2020

Transport Action Network


House of Commons Library

Briefing Paper 29th April 2020 – Highways England and the Road Investment Strategy (RIS)

Added March 2020

Highways England

Road Investment Strategy 2 2020-2025

Committed for RP2 S1 M5 Junction 10 and Link Road Page 103

UK Government

March 2020 Budget inc Reference to the A46 Upgrades

M5 Junction 9 and a bypass on the A46 at Ashchurch Page 79

Added February 2020

Midland Connect Alternative Futures January 2020

Study considers the potential future transport demand in the Midlands over the next 50 years (to 2068). Midlands Connect will use these to inform policy decisions and to help to plan for the future transport infrastructure needs of the region.

Teddington and Alstone Parish Council

Cllr Vernon Smith advised Teddington and Alstone Parish Council  in his update that WG have submitted their Strategic Outline Business case for the M5/J9 A46 scheme to the DfT on Friday 17th January 2020. It appears that unfortunately, they will not be making public any details of their plans or the proposed routes due to a risk of ‘planning blight’ (the reduction in marketability and value of land as a result of a public sector decision).

Added January 2020
Gloucestershire County Council

Full Draft Local Transport Plan

Consultation Document –  Word Document

Online Consultation Link

Highways England

A46 Renewable Energy Innovation Scheme Letter

Setting Climate Commitments for Tewkesbury

Quantifying the implications of the United Nations Paris Agreement for Tewkesbury – Tyndall Centre

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth has analysed how different local authority areas across England and Wales are taking action to cut greenhouse gases. They have also compared local authority areas with other similar local authority areas. Tewkesbury report.

Added December 2019

Letter sent to Nigel Moor GCC

Communication sent to Nigel Moor, Cabinet Member for Environment and Planning GCC. seeking clarification as to how the Councils climate aims are reconciled with increased road building.

Update January 2020 – further letter sent to N Moor seeking clarification as to his response to TAAG. As of 21/02/2020 we have not received any response.

CPRE Gloucestershire Autumn Newsletter

Page 10 includes reference to the potential changes to the A46 and TAAG involvement.

Added November 2019

TAAG Respond to TBC Plan

Added October 2019

Independent A46 report produced by Gerald Kells

Teddington and Alstone Villages and the A46 Assessment by Gerald Kells

TAAG Summary

TAAG have provided a short summary which highlights the key points but we would encourage you to read the full report if possible.

CPRE Report

Campaign to Protect Rural England’s report on the impact of Road Projects in England 2017 (Referenced in Gerald Kells Report for TAAG)

TBC Plan

Pre – Submission TBC Plan 2011-2031 Published October 2019

A46 Renewable Energy Innovation Scheme Letter

Kier letter received via TAPC 7th October 2019

Response received by TAAG from Highways England as to Kier Letter

Added August 2019

Western Gateway Transport Plan

Western Gateway’s Submission to the Department of Transport of their proposed M5 J9/A46 scheme for inclusion in RIS2.

Added June 2019

The latest report from Midland’s Connect appears to imply that the A46 corridor study is no longer one of their priorities for RIS2 but has been pushed-out to RIS3 (2025-2030 and RIS4 2030 – 2035). TAAG are seeking clarification.

Atkins Report April 2018
“Thanks to a Freedom of Information request, the A46 study produced by a Joint Venture; Atkins and ch2m on behalf of Midlands Connect last year is now available to share. Midlands Connect used this study to inform their own report, published in November “Midlands Connect A46 corridor study stage 1”.

Warning it is large document so TAAG suggest you do not download to a mobile phone.

Added November 2018

Midlands Connect A46 corridor study stage 1
Further lobbying document which outlines their 20-year improvement plan for the A46 published on 7th November 2018 at the Highways UK Conference.

Midland Connect A46 Justification Video

Tewkesbury Borough Plan

The Tewkesbury Borough Plan (TBP) is a plan for the area that will allocate sites for housing and employment development as well as provide planning policies to guide future development in the borough. TBC support an ‘offline’ solution to the A46 capacity problem.

Ashchurch Concepts Masterplan
A proposed project to meet the shortfall in the Tewkesbury housing numbers. The document refers to the A46 capacity problems and the ongoing work by Highways, Midlands Connect and the A46 Partnership Group.

Added July 2018

Midlands Connect Routes to Growth Report
A lobbying document published in July following Chris Grayling’s launch on Midlands Connect transport priorities.

Added June 2018

 TAAG June13 Initial Report
Group’s first report providing background information and our position on potential A46 development.

Teddington & Alstone A46 Advisory Group